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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

11 Reasons Why Mobile Phones Should Be Banned For Children

In a world that demands to be constantly connected, the widespread use of technology has not only affected adults but is acquired by the youngest members of the society – our children. Kids nowadays would much rather play with mobile phones and tablets. Some parents use it as a way to keep their kids entertained and away from misbehaving. But what they don’t realize that there can also be harmful effects.

Psychologists warn that children below 12 should not be allowed to use these gadgets. Psychologists argue that affects childhood brain development. Kids have turned their attentions to these gadgets instead of other important areas such as development, learning, and behavior.

Here are some of the reasons why handheld devices should be banned among kids:

1. Eye Damage

Staring at a computer or mobile screen for long periods of time can cause eye problems. This computer vision syndrome can damage your eyes. Prevent eye problems by limiting the amount of time your kids can spend on screen.

2. Obesity

Studies show that children who have gadgets in their room are more likely to suffer from obesity. Everyone knows that obesity can lead to other serious medical conditions such as heart attack, and diabetes. Exposing your children to gadgets at an early age can lead to a severe health condition.

3. Brain Development

Brain size grows thrice as much from age 0 to 21 years. In the next few years, the brain will keep developing. Brain development is dependent upon so many factors and stimulus. Scientists have found out that overexposure to gadgets can lead to excessive functions, lack of attention, cognitive delays, enhanced impulsivity, learning impairment and reduction in ability for self-regulation.

4. Lack of Sleep

A recent study revealed that 60% of parents don’t make strict observance to their kids using gadgets. Seventy-five percent of these children are allowed to use gadgets in their room. These children may suffer from less sleep which can affect their behavior.

5. Slow Development

Technology makes every day work easier and helps completes our tasks faster. However, it reduces the need for movement for both adults and children. This delays development among kids. Studies show that kids suffer a negative impact on literacy, delayed development and negative impact on academic success. Movement allows kids to develop learning abilities, as well as attention-based abilities.

6. Aggressive Behavior

Violent media can do harm to your kids when exposed to it. It can lead to the development of aggressive behavior. Visuals which exhibit violence, including sexual and physical, shown in such games and TV shows display murder, mutilation, torture, rape, and sex –should be off limits to children.

The US government has categorized “Media violence” as Public Health Risk because it promotes aggression in children.

7. Mental Illness

Increase cases of child anxiety, depression, attachment disorder, autism, attention deficit, problematic child behavior, psychosis and bipolar disorder are believed to be caused by too much exposure to gadgets. In Canada, one out of six children is diagnosed with a form of mental illness.

8. Digital Dementia

Media content to kids’ brain may contribute to attention deficit and lack of concentration. The memory may also be affected because the brain cuts the neuron tracks towards the frontal cortex. Your child cannot learn when he cannot pay attention to tasks at hand.

9. Addiction

In the absence of parental attachment which should be provided by parents, kids become more attached to their devices. Addiction to these gadgets may also be possible. Studies show that one out of eleven children between 8 and 18 are suffering from addiction to technology.

10. Negative Impact

Raised on technology, kids are looking forward to a technological and non-sustainable world. Your child won’t learn the practical life lessons and skills required for survival. Overusing technology can have a negative impact on your child’s future.

11. Radiation

This is one of the most common health hazards caused by too much technology. Mobile phones are category 2B risks (World Health Organization) due to the radiation emitted by them, making them possible carcinogen.In 2013, Dr. Anthony Miller of the University of Toronto School of Public Health suggested to reclassifying exposure to radio frequency as 2A. This means it’s ‘probably carcinogen’, which is more dangerous to your health. (Edarabia)

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