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FIFA to organise event in fight against AIDS, malaria and TB

FIFA is organising an event to raise funds and awareness to tackle AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, their president Gianni Infantino told AFP on Friday.

Infantino said the idea was in response to Thursday’s announcement that governments, philanthropists and private firms had pledged just over $14 billion for a plan to save 16 million lives.

The money was promised at a replenishment meeting in Lyon, France, of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, where host French President Emmanuel Macron had exhorted countries to give as much as they can.

“When President Macron called to ask for support, I said immediately that FIFA and world football are always available to contribute for the good and obviously also for this planetary cause which is a great initiative,” Infantino said.

“We will work together on the concept of an event to raise money and awareness using the power of football.”

Infantino told AFP that FIFA would work with the projects to develop the concept for a major soccer event next year.

Between them the pandemics of AIDS, TB and malaria cause three million deaths per year.

According to the UN’s World Health Organization, 770,000 people died of HIV-related causes last year, with 1.7 million new infections.

Tuberculosis, a high risk for HIV-positive people, claimed some 1.7 million lives in 2017, and malaria more than 430,000. (AFP)
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